Be my Valentine

With Valentine’s day coming up in two days, I’m in the mood for another giveaway. 😉Image

Despite his bad boy ways, Harper can be very romantic. He took a girl to Paris, for goodness sake, and then she dumped him for a physics student! Silly, silly girl.

And let’s not forget how well Harper takes care of Isabelle on their road trip (if we ignore his teasing). Teaching her to cook, buying her a toothbrush? I mean, what’s not to love about this boy?

So, what I want you to do to celebrate Valentine’s Day is tell me about the most romantic thing someone has done for you in the comments below, and I will pick a random entry to win a 20$ Amazon GC!

The giveaway is open until February 14th. I’ll pick the winner the next day. Make sure you leave me an email to contact you and email you the GC.

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