#InkRipples: Genre


I’ve written about genre recently, and about how difficult it sometimes is to fit a book into distinct genres. While knowing the genre of a book helps me decide whether it’s something I’d want to read or not, sometimes it can be a deterrent so I end up not reading a book I might have liked if I’d have given it a chance.

I don’t like to label things all that much in general, and same goes for books. I’m an eclectic reader, only avoiding Christian fiction and hard core science fiction.But when choosing my next read, I usually first check the blurb (apart from the cover, of course). Naturally, one doesn’t always have to check for the book’s genre because often it’s apparent from the cover and/or the blurb or even because the author is already familair to us.

I will more often check out books in my preferred genres, like young adult, romance, contemporary, but I’ll read in other genres when the blurb or reviews convince me that the book is worth my while. So it seems that genre labels only work together with other information about a book, like the cover, blurb, author, reviews, recommendation from someone.

And since the topic of last month was book covers, I’d just like to give an example of when book covers and genre can be  a bit at odds with each other.

6553175This cover made me think the book is a fluffy romance, an easy read with fun characters. But it’s so much more than that. Yes, it’s a romance, it’s funny, but it also deals with mental illness and all the sadness, stress and anxiety that that brings with it. The chracters are complex and well written and the story is compelling.

So it’s not just about the genre, or the cover, it’s the whole package. And essentially, it’s about what you like.

9 thoughts on “#InkRipples: Genre

  1. I love that you combined the two month’s topics. You’re right that the cover can lead you in the wrong direction. So interesting. I definitely browse books by genre because I’m a ‘mood’ reader, so to me it’s important to know where the book (most) belongs.


    1. I think what you said about being a ‘mood’ reader applies to me too. It depends on my mood what I’m going to start reading and that’s where the genre, cover, blurb come in handy so I can find something that would fit the moment.


  2. I’ve overlooked books I later went on to love because of the way they were classified (and covers can be the worst when it comes to misrepresenting a book!). But I love reading across the board so I try not to worry too much about genre 🙂


  3. I have initially missed out on reading some amazing books because of the genre or cover. Luckily, in many cases I decided to give the book a try even though I thought I wouldn’t like it. Of course, sometimes I think I will love a book based on the genre or book cover and I am totally wrong. I tend to read a wide variety of genres, so the cover probably gets me the most. 🙂 Great post!


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