Letting Go

Letting go

Isabelle is left stranded at the airport after her return from Paris. Her only chance of letting-go-teengetting home is her boyfriend’s older brother, Harper. She dreads spending long hours in his sarcastic and rude company, but the road trip brings Isabelle and Harper closer than she ever thought possible. Too close.

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What readers say about Letting Go:

“I felt like I was on the road with Isabelle and Harper. What an incredibly sweet, passionate, and tender read! I LOVED Letting Go!” – Sasha Hibbs, author of Black Abaddon and Black Amaranth

“It’s been a while since I’ve dived into a YA contemporary romance novel and this was a great choice. I really enjoyed the way Bridie Hall set the story up and I loved how easy it was to settle into the story – how easy it was to connect to the characters and how intense it quickly became.” Book Passion for Life

“All in all a really good story, which is written well. It is a story which anyone from teenagers to adults could enjoy reading, and I definitely recommend it.” Fiona’s Book Review Blog

“Strong character development made me wish this story had a sequel. Isabelle and Harper reveal their rough edges almost immediately, but I didn’t realize how fascinated I was by both of them until I got to know the real people behind the masks they carry around. To be honest, I was a little annoyed by certain quirks until I learned how and why Harper and Isabelle developed them. It isn’t easy to develop such well-rounded characters in a short story!” LAS Reviews

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