My newest romance is coming out on January 7th! I can’t wait for you to read it as it was my favorite to write.

handpickedCan the attraction between Gemma and Jake outlast the grape picking season in Gemma’s vineyard?

Gemma has managed the family winemaking business ever since her husband had died and left her alone with their daughter. But this fall, there’s something in the air that makes her moody and restless. It doesn’t help that the usual team of seasonal workers has quit on her and she has no one to help her pick the grapes.

Jake’s life revolves around his sports career. When an injury forces him to rest, he becomes a mentor to a troubled teen, Tommy. Trying to reform him, he takes him on a two-week working vacation to an old vineyard.

As Jake helps Gemma get the work done, they struggle to ignore the attraction they feel for each other. There is no point giving in when Jake will have to leave for France at the end of his vacation. Gemma couldn’t handle another broken heart, and Jake isn’t looking for a relationship.




Bridie Hall is the author of young adult novels Letting go and My Summer Roommate, and the novella On the Slopes. Her adult romance novellas, Romancing the Princess, and Hearts Must Be Broken, were published by Inkspell Publishing.

Check out her books and visit her blog for news.

letting-go-teenOnTheSlopes.v1-Final mysummerroommate


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